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Good Tuesday Morning!

The title sounds much more enthusiastic than I feel.

I had the flu the week of Christmas. It lasted the entire week of Christmas and into the following week. Now a very obnoxious, very deep cough is left over. Antibiotics did nothing. So I’m thinking its either going to heal itself, eventually, or it’s what the locals call Cedar Fever. Which is the allergic reaction to the pollinating Cedar trees around these here parts. When I get paid, Friday, I’ll invest in some more meds . . . this time antihistamines. We’ll see…

Christmas was fantastic this year. After the sticker-shock of the live Christmas tree, that looks like an actual Christmas tree, we decorated with homemade ornaments. The boys and I had a blast making ornaments; all of our Christmas decorations are still in Oregon.

Oh, did I mention we haven’t moved our things down yet? 😦 The plan is Justin is going down the third weekend, or so, of January to retrieve our belongings, including his car that is sitting idle at our friend’s house. We’ll see if we can swing that financially and time-wise.

Work is going good. I have never been in a teacher position before and I’m enjoying it, and the kids. This week is the first week I planned and implemented all by my lonesome. Ok, not totally by myself . . . my co-teacher answers all my retarded questions and still has to tell me where to find certain items. But, mostly by myself . . . more by myself than ever before, in this position. 🙂  I’m going to start school, but I missed this term . . . apparently, here in the great state of Texas, they have two terms. I’m used to a tri-mester situation, where if I don’t have all my ducks in a row for winter term, I can attend spring term. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. Nope. Including not being a Texas citizen for over 6 months, so tuition is ridiculous. Fall term is probably when I’ll start.

Justin’s off in Florida for training for his new job. Hyperbaric Chamber Tech. Very exciting stuff.

Boys are enjoying school. I signed them up for winter basketball league. That  starts today. Tobias is apprehensive. In the last few months I’ve noticed him being a tad shy of new things and situations. He loves basketball though and I’m trusting he’ll be just fine.

And, its now 2013. Crazy town! I look forward to going back to school and, God willing, buying a house come fall/winter, and just making our home here in the Austin area.

Off to make new adventures today!



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I have been contemplating going back to school. I’m not hard core, find a career and run with it, type personality. In fact, I love to write most of all. I also love photography. So, I lean towards those studies. But I also want to be realistic . . . I’ve worked for a police station before, Criminal Justice has been another thought.

Justin and I talked extensively last night.

I want to take this moment to say: I married a very wise and intuitive man. He doesn’t bark out his opinion very often, especially with something he knows I’m attempting to make my mind up about. He’s quiet about it. Justin also loves God and derives quite a bit of wisdom from that source alone.

That said, we talked extensively last night and I am going back in the fall. But for what I love to do; writing and photography. No loans, just grants and out of pocket, so there is no pressure for me to find a job and pay off loans that I’ve accrued directly after graduating.

Something inside me settled after we talked and I am starting to get excited about going! I love taking classes and learning . . . it feels almost overdue, but actually it’s in good timing. God’s timing.

Tomorrow I go take my placement tests, figure out just how much I’ve retained from school, 12 years ago (college that I never finished). I’m kinda nervous but it’s a good thing. 🙂

Here’s to a new chapter in life . . .

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Early Morning Burn

I set my alarm for this morning, 6am . . . that is not an impossible time to rise and . . . WORKOUT.  Right?  I mean, I did consume, not one, not two, but FIVE Greek flat breads (is that how that is suppose to be written ??).  It is my fault.  I mixed the 5 simple ingredients,  I waited around, until the dough doubled in size, I kneaded it soft and pliable.  I am the one who divided the, actually, not-so-pliable dough into 20 round balls, which I then rolled flat and stuck on a hot skillet.  I flipped them each minute . . . piling them on the plate as they were done.  And, apparently, devouring them as they cooled enough to handle.

So I set my alarm to awaken, don my workout clothes, my Garmin and get it done with Billy Blanks or Jillian Michaels.  How hard is that goal? Not so much.  But it didn’t happen that way.  I hem-hawed around until it was nearly 6:30am, then I was joined by two munchkins who get out of bed ravenously hungry, so I feed them . . . then I start to go over all the stuff I’ve committed to this morning, including being at the church building at 9;30am, after meeting two different buses for my kid’s schools, one at 7:45am and the other at 8:30 . . . my morning started to appear very very short.  That, coupled with just being so stiff and tired . . . well, to make a short story really stinkin’ long . . . I didn’t work out.

I didn’t do it . . . confession 1,466,321 on this blog alone. 🙂

I do have lots of time this afternoon when kids are home.  The sun is suppose to be out, so perhaps getting out and stretching my legs is a better option anyway. I’ll letcha know how that pans out.

Here’s to a great Wednesday!  Now I’m off to bus numeral two . . .


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Sick and Tired

Over the weekend Samuel got sick.  Runny nose, light cough and, at one point, I believe a light fever.  Nothing really all that unordinary about a 4 year old that goes to preschool, to be sick in January.  Then his eyes started leaking mucus (is that the right term?) and the next morning they were bright red.

To the doctor we went . . .

Pink Eye was the prognosis (again, is that the term?) and antibiotic eye drops were ordered.  But the doc takes one look at Tobias’ throat and eyes and decides he has it too, though he has very very mild symptoms compared to Sam.  So antibiotics for all!  Oh, joy.  Kinda spendy antibiotics at that.

Anyhoo . . . a day later Tobias’ eyes look clear . . . I blame the mass amounts of sanitizing of things and the antibiotics for keeping it at bay . . . I keep him home one more day, making today the day I sent him back to school.  No symptoms for two days, I figure that was good enough.  Plus, if I had to be cooped up with them, Tobias, the healthy . . . and Samuel, the sick . . . one more day I was going to go nuts.  Samuel just wants to lay around, get better and generally just whine about not feeling good.  Tobias, on the other hand was ready to run, play and be outside.  Kind of hard to handle both at the same time, truly.  Thankfully we have a Wii that the boys can take some of their energy out on . . . but still.

At the same rate, I don’t feel top’o’the’mornin’ great . . . a tad under the weather, sore throat and the like.

I am tired, broken up nights of sleep and the above mentioned sick feeling . . . I become kinda grouchy.  Is anyone else like this? . . . over-tired = Grouchy, with a capital G.

I’m sure Tobias was so glad to be away from me today and around his fabulously nice teachers and regimented school day.  The boy thrives on routine and I just suck at it.

So there’s  my dose of whining today.  I’m gonna take a good ol’ dose of attitudeadjustment and have a great afternoon with my boys!

God bless!

This was about a month ago . . . VERY excited about snow pants and the like.  🙂  See, they’re cute, I’m just a grouchy old lady. 🙂 hahaha!

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The River

When I was kid, I loved the river, the lake, the ocean . . . pretty much any body of water that I could wade and swim in was good for me.

Since living in Salem-land, well, I hadn’t really located a place that I felt comfortable letting the boys play, as well as be close enough to walk/jog or drive a very short distance.

Well, I did and I have.  Its, round trip, 6 miles . . . walk-jog it normally . . . the river near downtown Salem.  We cross over the foot bridge and head down into Wallace park where there is a good chunk of rock strewn beach and shallow and protected river way for the boys to play in quite safely.

We never really worried about currents and such in rivers when I was kid.  I don’t remember my parents ever mentioning undertows and weird currents that can cause problems for swimming in rivers . . . and, at the exception of one time being drug under after jumping in feet first into a rather large rapid . . . have never experienced anything really all that dangerous in my river-swimming-exploits.  BUT, I am, and have been for 8 years, married to an EMT/fireman that is also on a volunteer flotilla for the Coast Guard . . . he is paranoid of such currents and happenings that can occur in a river unseen.  Especially in large rivers such as the Willamette here in Salem.  SO, my boys wear life jackets in the shallows and I am particularly picky about the current.

All that said, I’ve found nearly the perfect spot for two tots to play, myself to read and watch them and for Byron to wear himself out as well.  I say nearly because the only thing I would change is that the location would be OUTside of town, with no foot bridges and highway bridges going overhead.  Thats all.  But otherwise, it is surrounded by parks on either side of the river and it is a lovely spot.

AND, when I finally get my stinkin’ computer to quit being bratty, I’ll upload and share photos . . . I will, promise. 🙂

The river, that is where were today, from 11am to 1:30pm and I got a nice bit of exercise in too . . . can’t beat that. 🙂

Nothing really going on today outside of that.

Yesterday, at Justin’s prodding, we spent the afternoon “spring cleaning” our house, shipping stuff off the Goodwill and all of that fun stuff.  I grouched and moaned, drug my feet a bit, but finally got into the spirit of it after awhile.  It was the storage room that needed it the most and I find it tedious and irritating to go through stuff for shipping off.  I would much rather scrub the main part of the house down, do laundry . . . anything . . . stashing unused items out of sight (storage area).   But its done now and it feels good to know it is.

Looking forward to school shopping this weekend.  Supplies, shoes and clothes, exciting! 🙂 Though,  I will confess I am apprehensive with Tob being in a “real” school and sending Sam off to preschool . . . ACk!  I know why homeschooling is so attractive to people.  I want to keep them close, I do!   I just know I don’t have it in me to be disciplined enough and be a good enough teacher.  My mind wanders all over tarnation . . . how am I suppose to focus two young tots?  So, off to school they go, come fall.  AACK!  Oh, and I will say, after seeing the positives in Tob during and after preschool last year, the benefits outweighed the worries.

The one super negative with fall coming up so quickly is my summer weather will end . . . swimming in the river will have to commence until next years sun.  Ahh, the thought makes me wanna bawl like baby.

I might buy tans.  Something I haven’t done since I was a youngster (20-ish).  I know the dangers, but my skin is so much prettier baked.

Heres to whats left of summer!

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Sun is Out

Its a great day of sunshine and hope.  I’m gonna dress my boys, myself, pack up and head outdoors, yet again, to enjoy the summer sun.  My skin is showing the effects of the sun, including a whopper of sunburn from two days ago.  Can I spell s.u.n.b.l.o.c.k ?   Hahaha, apparently not.  🙂

Justin is up in the Portland area, working working working.  I’m pretty darn proud of that there man, for sure!

Both my boys go to school in the fall.  I’m rounding up vaccine records for Sam, since I don’t have those filed away, and thinking about all the supplies I get to buy . . . I mean, I have to buy.  That was my favorite part of going back to school when I was young, the school supplies.  Not even new clothes trumped the school supply rush. A little early but as fast as this past month went, it really isn’t.

Going blueberry picking on Sunday.  There’s a great farm that we’ve been to a couple of times, in Corvallis.  So I called my sibs that live in Eugene and told them they have to meet us there.  They took the threat seriously and agreed.  🙂  Now I’m doubly excited about picking blueberries . . . I miss my family!  They are my closest friends.

Thats the only thing that sucks about living in Salem . . . so far from family . . . but God has really blessed us and I think I’ve grown up a lot, not getting to depend on fam so much for support . . . its definitely brought Justin and I closer together!

Anyhow, boys are waiting on me, feeling the holes being stared into the back of my noggin. 🙂

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Magnolia from my parent's backyard

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Another Year has gone by.  Tobias is out of preschool in 3 weeks.  Summer will go by in a flash, as usual, I’m sure.

I registered Tob for kindergarten yesterday! Kindergarten!!

The years do fly by . . . I was warned by many a people.  I thought I wanted them to fly by, but now I’m not so sure.  I’m grateful that the school district I am in boasts one of the better schools in Salem/Keizer.  I’ve done my homework regarding (pun intended) and it is a great school.

Tobias is on a field trip today, the last one for his preschool life.  Justin went with him and I think they’ll have a blast!  The zoo is their destination.  Again with the zoo. Love it!

Kindergarten . . . I can’t get over it . . .

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At a Loss

Justin is studying the care and all that stuff, regarding the younger of the emergency clientele . . . kids.  Peeds . . . is how its described by my lovely hubby.  “We’re studying peeds.”  

This morning Tobias was to go with him to class . . . out in Stayton by 9am . . . I’m sure they are using them for guinea pigs, gotta teach those guys (and gals) without kids how to deal with kids . . . 🙂  Plus there is protocol, I’m sure.  Last night we were talking and Justin decides he is going to take both boys.

This morning I wake up to Justin and Tob quietly talking, well as quiet as Tob can manage, in the hallway and realize its time for me to rise and shine, to see the guys off.  I have to wake Sam . . . he’s the chronic 9am sleeper . . . at 7:30.  But after being informed he was going to school with dad, he was wide awake, and even ate his breakfast, which rarely happens before 10am.  

I dressed them, packed a “just in case” bag and waved them off around 8am.  

Um, I’m a little at a loss as to how to feel.  I’m so used to having Sam 100% of the time that it really feels weird without him.  I’m used to Tob being gone in the afternoons  and he goes on errands with dad frequently but Sam is a momma’s boy and tends to stay with me . . . even to run the trash out or whatever.  

I’m picking them up out in Stayton in an hour . . . so its not even that long of a span of time, really.  Just feels awkward.  Though it was nice to take a shower, get dressed and even apply a bit of makeup without a million questions and demands, I will admit that! 🙂

Both boys will be in school in the fall and maybe I will feel more confident by then on letting both be gone.  I’ve already decided to look for a preschool where Sam won’t go 4 days a week for 4 hours a day . . . just seems excessive and Tob is SO tired by Thursday afternoons!  Too much for tiny minds.  Maybe 3 days a week, spread out with less time at the facility. 

Or home taught . . . 



Samuel . . . pretty sure he’s opening gifts at Christmas here.  Sweet, messy face, little guy! I might love him. 🙂

So . . .  I’m gonna go wander my house aimlessly, maybe do some laundry and get anxious about leaving to go get the boys in the next 45 minutes.  🙂 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!


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Faithful God

Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the story of your love— how you built the cosmos and guaranteed everything in it. Your love has always been our lives’ foundation, your fidelity has been the roof over our world. ~Psalm 89:1

I have my times of doubt . . . no worries, I still deal with human emotion and I’m constantly battling that loverly natural man, the old self.   We started on a path that we truly felt God wanted us on, with school and moving forward in life.  We got the through the first two laps, recognizing God’s faithful hand in all of it, during all of it. We moved on to the Paramedic program . . . the last home stretch before he graduated and found a job in the field he’s been studying for. The beginning of December he had a timed practical test, ACLS test, and failed it.  The first test he’s failed in this whole process . . . something we totally give God credit for (the success part, not the failing part :))! So the instructors decided to give him another go a week later . . . he failed that one as well, a case of nerves was blamed by all. 

At that point, the instructors had full ability to kick him from the program . . . but instead decided to send him to a 2 day class at Portland Community College regarding the material.  He aced the class, learned a few new things . . . but then winter break had come and he had to wait until today . . . 3 very long weeks . . . to retake the test.  

I am glad to report he passed the ACLS test today . . . by God’s grace and ability, for that we are fully aware! 

So . . . Justin proceeds with the Paramedic Program!

Thank you, Jesus!


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Oh, Hey, Its Me . . . We Live

It is November already and I can’t even get close to getting over how quickly this past year has flooowwnn by.  Blows my mind actually.

The boys are doing fantastic!  Tob enjoys school so very much . . . Sam is huge.  Huge, I tell you!  Yeah, he wears size 5.  5. Size 5.  Tob and Sam wear the same size in clothes and are about size apart in shoes. They are 17 months apart, right?

Just checking.

I hate rain . . . hate it.  I went out into it anyway today . . . walking and jogging (jogging used lightly) for Byron’s sake, really. Poor puppy dog, I think he misses summertime more than me . . . thats pretty bad.

I put his rain coat on . . . thats why I bought it.  A bright yellow rain coat made for Byron’s size.  We get home, I take it off and the underside of the “raincoat” was damp.  Whats the point if its not waterproof?

Anyhow . . . then my loverly friend, Jalaine, brought Taebo Kick-My-Butt over and, well, kicked my abs really.  Buns are tomorrow . . . I know you’re thrilled. Maybe I’ll actually start making a dent in the 10 or so pounds I put on through the past 6 months . . . grr.

We did get a membership to the Kroc Center, thanks to Tob’s preschool, its a brand new fitness club, pool and community center not a mile from my house.  That has been the biggest blessing!  And in the nic of time, this stinkin’ cold winter weather limits the old outdoor time, for sure. The pool is super cute, made for kids and the boys have loved every second.  Mom loves the workout facility and daycare so I can actually USE the workout facility.  Nice! 🙂

Justin is in the thick of the Paramedic Program . . . he has started clinicals, about 2 weeks ago, and next week that ups to clinicals three times a week, plus school, plus studying, etc.

Holy Crud . . . and thank ya, Lord . . . all at the same time.

We do get to make the trip to Washington for Thanksgiving with my parents . . . yeah, they are currently residing in the Trij-Cities, if you didn’t know. 🙂  Much closer than Vegas. Justin has the weekend and I’m so looking forward to the family time!!

Tob has taken to calling us different kinds of animals.  He has settled on me being a rabbit, Justin being an elephant, Sam being a turtle and himself being a frog.  Its been this way for a month . . . he reminds me of our animal kingdom names every few days.

Myron . . . that is what Tob decided Byron’s name was today and there was no telling him otherwise!  Myron, kinda cuter than Byron.  Hmm.

The imagination of a 4 year old boy. 🙂 I won’t talk about the smartelic remarks that come from the same beautiful face.

So, here’s to living . . . my life is really not very exciting so I haven’t written very much lately.  Just wanted to pop in here and let ya’ll know we still exist . . . our hearts are still oxygenating blood and pumping away . . . though Justin has informed me after the billionth time of listening to my heartbeat over the course of the last few months that I have an irregular rythm every once in awhile.  I asked if I was going to die, he said no, so I think no more of it. The heart has its own electricity . . . I love learning this stuff and making it my very own . . . how freakin awesome is that?  And I’m not tested and graded . . . much funner! 🙂

My wisdom teeth were pulled out, all four of them, on Friday.  Awesome, cuz the two bottom ones were rotting.  Painful, it has been . . . but apparently very normal healing process. They feel like giant holes in my head . . . my friend informed me the grow together, in other words the holes go away over about a month’s span of time.

Cool . . . hurry up about it!  I love almonds and almonds are IMPOSSIBLE to eat without getting the little almond crumbs in those gosh darn holes.  grr.

The hardships of life.

Justin was at school all day . . . now he’s at the gym . . . he’ll be back anytime now.  I better go for now, I suppose. I might need to go to bed as well.


Well . . . have a loverly week!  Happy Veterans day, for Wed., I surely appreciate whats been done for me and mine, including my country!!


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