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Good Tuesday Morning!

The title sounds much more enthusiastic than I feel.

I had the flu the week of Christmas. It lasted the entire week of Christmas and into the following week. Now a very obnoxious, very deep cough is left over. Antibiotics did nothing. So I’m thinking its either going to heal itself, eventually, or it’s what the locals call Cedar Fever. Which is the allergic reaction to the pollinating Cedar trees around these here parts. When I get paid, Friday, I’ll invest in some more meds . . . this time antihistamines. We’ll see…

Christmas was fantastic this year. After the sticker-shock of the live Christmas tree, that looks like an actual Christmas tree, we decorated with homemade ornaments. The boys and I had a blast making ornaments; all of our Christmas decorations are still in Oregon.

Oh, did I mention we haven’t moved our things down yet? 😦 The plan is Justin is going down the third weekend, or so, of January to retrieve our belongings, including his car that is sitting idle at our friend’s house. We’ll see if we can swing that financially and time-wise.

Work is going good. I have never been in a teacher position before and I’m enjoying it, and the kids. This week is the first week I planned and implemented all by my lonesome. Ok, not totally by myself . . . my co-teacher answers all my retarded questions and still has to tell me where to find certain items. But, mostly by myself . . . more by myself than ever before, in this position. 🙂  I’m going to start school, but I missed this term . . . apparently, here in the great state of Texas, they have two terms. I’m used to a tri-mester situation, where if I don’t have all my ducks in a row for winter term, I can attend spring term. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. Nope. Including not being a Texas citizen for over 6 months, so tuition is ridiculous. Fall term is probably when I’ll start.

Justin’s off in Florida for training for his new job. Hyperbaric Chamber Tech. Very exciting stuff.

Boys are enjoying school. I signed them up for winter basketball league. That  starts today. Tobias is apprehensive. In the last few months I’ve noticed him being a tad shy of new things and situations. He loves basketball though and I’m trusting he’ll be just fine.

And, its now 2013. Crazy town! I look forward to going back to school and, God willing, buying a house come fall/winter, and just making our home here in the Austin area.

Off to make new adventures today!



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Spring Break

As most people know, this past week was spring break.

Justin graduated the fire suppression program and took the week to relax and just hang at home . . . some much deserved rest and zone out time.

Also, just time to spend with each other and the boys.  Our 7th anniversary occurred Wednesday.  Pretty exciting stuff! 🙂 We went to Laurelwood Cafe in Portlando . . . enjoying the family time for our 7th marked year. I honestly can say I’m completely in love with Justin . . . through thick and thin . . . as hard as it may be at times.  We are human but we serve and love a big God!! So, I thank God for my husband and the years we’ve had together and the years to come!  🙂

The boys love having their daddy home!  Its like a miniature WWF . . . or maybe we should call WWTF for World Wrestling Toddler Federation . . . or whatever . . . its been like this everyday for the past week.  Play and play hard . . . 🙂  I love it . . . well, to watch and enjoy the laughter, I’m not much for wrestling myself.  Have I ever shared that I am quite the pansy?  Well, I am.

And they have someone that shares their fascination and complete obsession for cars and all things related.


The weather wasn’t the best but it was tolerable and little rain . . . so we headed outdoors.  This, again, is just funner when we’re all there.  There is definitely a different dynamic when the fam is all together and functioning properly.


Samuel takes the cake as our bit more daring one, of the two boys.  He is willing to try new things constantly and climbing is one of his favorites.  This one wasn’t exactly his favorite but as long as dad stood there and helped he was good to go.

I have been very fortunate not to have had any major accidents with my boys . . . regarding playgrounds and such . . . but Thursday we were at Minto-Brown Park and they have squiggly ladder climby thing that Samuel loves but it is obviously made for bigger kids.  He managed to slip through one of the loops near the top and land flat on his back . . . and this is with me standing right there . . . I know, I have reflexes like a cat, or a sloth, whatever.  Oh mercy . . . I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest right there.  He cried a lot but little damage done . . . thank goodness for shavings and semi-soft landings!  He did manage to bite all around the edge of his poor tongue though!! Ouch! But nothing that won’t heal itself.  Thank you, Jesus!!

Tobias and Justin have a special bond.  So do Samuel and Justin but Tobias, in personality, resembles Justin quite a bit . . . in his independence and attitude . . . so two-peas-in-a-pod, as they say.


The playground at the park downtown . . . you know, the one with the carousel . . . well, the playground has these things, the thing Tobias is talking into.  It works like a telephone and it is a big hit  . . .


This game lasted quite awhile.  🙂

We managed a couple of dog park runs . . . this is where I forget my camera.  Bummer.

img_7680Riverfront, that is the name of the park with the carousel and the playground with the fake telephones.  It also has an amphitheater . . . made of grass.  Fun stuff!

Oh yeah, the name of the park is Riverfront because . . .


. . . its on the river . . . doy!


So, we ran around, we played, I forgot my camera half the time and we have thoroughly enjoyed the presence of the man of the house for a change!  Back at it tomorrow . . . or Justin is anyway. 🙂  The week flew by in a flash . . . one more year, eh.


God Bless!

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