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Good Tuesday Morning!

The title sounds much more enthusiastic than I feel.

I had the flu the week of Christmas. It lasted the entire week of Christmas and into the following week. Now a very obnoxious, very deep cough is left over. Antibiotics did nothing. So I’m thinking its either going to heal itself, eventually, or it’s what the locals call Cedar Fever. Which is the allergic reaction to the pollinating Cedar trees around these here parts. When I get paid, Friday, I’ll invest in some more meds . . . this time antihistamines. We’ll see…

Christmas was fantastic this year. After the sticker-shock of the live Christmas tree, that looks like an actual Christmas tree, we decorated with homemade ornaments. The boys and I had a blast making ornaments; all of our Christmas decorations are still in Oregon.

Oh, did I mention we haven’t moved our things down yet? 😦 The plan is Justin is going down the third weekend, or so, of January to retrieve our belongings, including his car that is sitting idle at our friend’s house. We’ll see if we can swing that financially and time-wise.

Work is going good. I have never been in a teacher position before and I’m enjoying it, and the kids. This week is the first week I planned and implemented all by my lonesome. Ok, not totally by myself . . . my co-teacher answers all my retarded questions and still has to tell me where to find certain items. But, mostly by myself . . . more by myself than ever before, in this position. 🙂  I’m going to start school, but I missed this term . . . apparently, here in the great state of Texas, they have two terms. I’m used to a tri-mester situation, where if I don’t have all my ducks in a row for winter term, I can attend spring term. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. Nope. Including not being a Texas citizen for over 6 months, so tuition is ridiculous. Fall term is probably when I’ll start.

Justin’s off in Florida for training for his new job. Hyperbaric Chamber Tech. Very exciting stuff.

Boys are enjoying school. I signed them up for winter basketball league. That  starts today. Tobias is apprehensive. In the last few months I’ve noticed him being a tad shy of new things and situations. He loves basketball though and I’m trusting he’ll be just fine.

And, its now 2013. Crazy town! I look forward to going back to school and, God willing, buying a house come fall/winter, and just making our home here in the Austin area.

Off to make new adventures today!



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October is around the corner and I find myself staring, mouth gaped open, at the Halloween decorations galore. Not that I care either way about the decorations, but it forces me to realize how fast time is passing. Four months since we set off, for what Tob deems as our “Texas Adventure”. Work started, for me, August 1st and hasn’t slowed down since. Boys started elementary school August 27th and they haven’t slowed down since. 🙂 Justin was working in Seattle, but, by the grace of God, was able to transfer down sooner than expected by September 1. His company put him right to work.

I started my CDA training today. I am ecstatic about it and look forward to taking that first step of my education; next is the associates degree . . . God willing. 🙂

Justin also was offered a new job, a dream job, for hyperbaric chamber/wound treatment. Better pay and he can still work, part time, driving ambulance. This company also pays for all the needed training and certifications.

We’ve plugged in to a great little church in Georgetown, where God has allowed me to be a part of the elementary sunday school stuff.

We put money down and filled out an app for an apartment here in the Brushy Creek area. We were hoping to buy, but decided we didn’t want to feel rushed to figure it all out. The boys stay in the same school district and I am happy happy happy about that!

I say all that to say this:

No matter how life turns out, I know who my God is. No matter the circumstances, He is still Lord. Whether stuff is going great and seeming to move right along or whether we feel stuck and unsure all the time . . . He is still constant and is faithful. I am beyond grateful, humbled and excited for the prospects of jobs and a great residence that has presented itself. I just want to keep in perspective Who matters. God is more important than my family, job and livelihood. Its just the way it is. Food, money and human acceptance can never fill the void that my Jesus does.

As soon as we are in our place, I expect visitors! 🙂



Down by Brushy Creek

At a Round Rock Express baseball game with Uncle Michael

Finishing our swimming for the day – Samuel

Bats coming out from under McNeil Bridge, Round Rock, TX


Birthday presents from Grandma.

Blowing out the candles – Samuel is 6 years old!

Another Texas sunrise

A Tarantula Encounter








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Livin’ It Up

My life is pretty exciting. I mean, just in the past week, I’ve went to work everyday, the kids made it to school on time everyday and the weekend has come with no surprises or upheavals.

I’ll take that kind of excitement at this point in my life. 🙂


I was zapped by a Trio building block, um . . . thingy.


Had an exciting game of Frisbee with Byron. Lovely, lovely day for hanging at the park! Weirdly there weren’t many people there at all. Huh.

Went to Silver Creek Falls with my bro, Bill, last weekend. I packed a picnic and when we decided to break for lunch . . . we found the largest Dogwood tree I have ever seen. Dogwoods are one of my favorite types of flowering trees . . . and this one still had mass flowers all over it!



The binoculars were the coveted item of the day . . .

River is like, ‘hey, what’s with this guy . . . tell’em to give my binoculars back, NOW!’

Bill and his babe, River. You wanna make a kid look tiny, put him next to my 6’6″ brother. 🙂 We had a great day of it! 🙂

I got a giant serving of family time last weekend, and I’m so grateful! I have one amazing family!



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Popping In

I’m trying to neglect my blog . . . but its happened. 🙂

Plans were set and now they are in motion, I’m feeling the weight of Justin being in Seattle, while the boys and I are still in Salem. This morning it caught up with me and fell apart over the phone with Justin. In reality, it’s good to reach out to Justin, but . . . in another light, maybe God should be my first go-to. By the time I got through worship at church, I felt filled, settled and peaceful once again. There is something tangibly peaceful and hopeful about the presence of God and lifting Him up, even when I don’t really feel like it (i.e. this morning).

In other news, Justin’s new gig in Seattle is going swimmingly! I’ve been praying for the divine favor and grace of God on the whole thing . . . seems like God is really in this whole hair-brained scheme of ours (or His?).

The month of May. The month of waiting and fine-tuning of THE PLAN. May is my last month of work. May is the boys’ last month of school, roughly. It’s a month of waiting, but also of prayer and pulling our plan more together and coherent.  Tentatively we are planning on pulling out of here the end of June, the last week to be precise as possible. It’s also the month Justin and I, both, have our loverly birthdays. 🙂

Next weekend, my sisters are all going to be together, with my mom. Kelli, my eldest sis, is due any day (scheduled for Friday) and it will be a weekend of much celebration and joy! I haven’t seen my mom since last year . . . when they up and moved to Alabama. 🙂 Those crazy kids! 🙂  . . . Justin is also coming down this Friday and staying all weekend. I’m so happy about that, and that he gets to join me down in Eugene with the sistas. I’m sure he’s just as thrilled.

Anyway . .  . it’s going to be a good month. Just getting impatient about the move.

That’s whats going down right now. Just learning how to lean on God a bit harder; trust, trust trusting Him!



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Movin’ Right Along

Justin spent a week in Austin and came back with lots of this . . .


. . . on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and bumper stickers.

He also checked out the surrounding area . . . Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown and some other outlining areas. We have decided that Round Rock/Cedar Park is our destination . . . though the neighboring Leander is good too. He also visited and got a good feel for potential places to work and schools.

But most of all, he confirmed it is definitely where he would like to live . . . we talked extensively and I am so on board with it. Unfortunately we don’t have tons of extra money lying about for me to up and fly down to figure as much out, but, from how Justin tells it . . . and with all the research I’m doing via the internet and talking to relatives down there . . . it sounds like a good move for our family.

So, the decision has been made. We move the latter half of June.

Now for all the details. My first mission is to clean, box up and organize the garage . . . then start packing and adding those boxes to the ones in the garage. Gotta finish pricing out moving truck options and get that settled by mid-May, so we’re prepared financially . . . moving is EXPENSIVE! Thats the next month, then when June rolls around, I’ll go into hyper drive and finish packing and then start in on the cleaning and wrap up moving truck plans.


First southern lesson for the northern raised:

My mom and dad grew up in the Houston area. I was corrected, today,  for calling San Antonio . . . well, San AntonIO . . . sounding out the ‘O’ at the end. Apparently, its properly said San Antone, in southerneese . . . 🙂 Ah, I’m gonna totally show my northern roots . . . 🙂 Like people, not from the NW, saying Oregon, with a long ‘E’ in the middle on gone on the end. Oreegawn.  Incorrect. 🙂

Welp . . . Justin is currently in Seattle working. And, to put it lightly, I miss him soooooooooooooooooooooo much! Praying God works out a job in Austin sooner, rather than later, and we are together as a family before we know it! Otherwise, the plan is to move down without him and get things rolling for our own home, until his job is able to transfer him . . . and to transfer requires several stars to align in the heavens. Miracles; that’s God’s business, isn’t it? I’m trusting God with all this apart-ness and depending on His grace to see us through! Grateful for a great job that Justin managed after the layoff in Portland and we’ll keep believing God!




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Plans Change

Plans change like the weather around here. About the time I think I’ve got it figured out . . . “this needs to happen . . .”, I change my mind, Justin changes his mind, we all change our mind.

We haven’t agreed well upon what we want to do with our life in the near future . . . the far future is much easier to plan/dream about. But the near future, not so clear. But I’m thinking we are actually getting somewhere . . . and, of course, the plan is big and adventurous, mixed with a shot of crazy. My definition of ‘big and adventurous,’ isn’t necessarily anyone else’s idea of such, by the way. 🙂

I thought to myself, ‘self, you need a job . . . a career . . . something to sink your teeth into.’  So I got a job. I love the job God gave me. But the THE job is temporary and ends in June, with the school year. I’m fine with that, but they are making cuts, not exactly bringing newby people back in the fall. I also need some schooling to really make this job a career.

I have lived in Oregon since I was 8 or 9 years old. From Astoria to Cottage Grove, Springfield/Eugene, and now Salem/Keizer. On the luscious, green, and very wet western side of the state. I have been to Kenya, Africa and England, but have never really travelled outside the NW side of my own dear country, my entire adult life. Odd. Anyway . . . we are plannin’ a move . . . a big move.

Justin is currently in Austin, TX, scoping out what is to be (God willing) our next resident city.  He comes home Friday and we have 2 months to get our crap together …

I’m excited and I want to chronicle the whole silly mess of making such a large move, as well as the temporary seperation of Justin being up here wrapping up his job transfers, while I’m down there, driving my in-laws crazy. Lots of adventure to be had! The first big project I’m working myself up for, is boxing up and organizing my garage.

Today, not to be belittled by the news-break above … Is Tobias’ birthday!!!! 7 years old today! And I am beyond proud of the sensitive, compassionate, smart and handsome young man he is turning out to be! We are throwing a Tucker sized bash on Saturday … Which means we load up the gas monster and take a short trip to the zoo or somewhere … Tob is still asking to go to the art musuem, so we’ll work that in along the way.


Off to school and work this morning … Happy hump-day to all!

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Laughing . . . The Best Medicine

I know I tout cookies as the cure-all, but one things beats the pants off  cookies for solving so many woes . . . laughter.

I saw the sun peak out this morning. That is saying something, considering we live in cloudy-ville USA (Western Oregon). In a complete frenzy, I dress my nearly naked tots and cram them, the dog and myself in the truck and head for the nearby park. It was 8:45AM. 🙂

Good thing I used my super-senses, knowing the sun wouldn’t last, and took action immediately . . . in less than an hour, clouds had invaded and completely covered the sky. Being a balmy 35 degrees when the sun is out, well that is bearable. 35 degrees when the sun is blanketed by clouds, not so much.

But, in that hour, Byron chased the frisbee, I walked, Tobias rode his scooter and Sam the big wheel. Then the boys started playing and I realized they were referring to each other as Agent T and Agent S. Apparently I’m raising the youngest secret agents ever. I think they were for the same agency, though I’m not sure . . . there was a lot of chasing and fighting, so maybe not.

This obsession with secret agents, and spies, was brought to us by the movie, Cars 2 . . . and by the program Phineas and Ferb (Agent P).

I love taking a hot coffee with me when I go to the park . . . whether it be 8:45AM (so justifiable) or 5:00PM (addiction much) . . . cold days at the park = hot coffee in the to-go mug. mmmm, coffee sounds good right now. Speaking of, I ended up with StumpTown Coffee and a cool new mug for Christmas, via the gift exchange at my sister’s house.

Stoneware mug from Tiffany. Perfect vessel for my addiction. 😉

I was using this . . .

Aaaand, the camera focused on the fish bowl, ok, forgive the fuzzy mugs. I’m spilling waaay less now . . . and, I don’t get funny looks from people, in July, for using a Christmas themed mug. Yeah, I’m cheap like that. 🙂 Though I still might get funny looks for clinging to a coffee mug at 5pm at the park, though I don’t notice because I’m too busy sipping that hot coffee and snuggling down in my thick, Michelin Man coat to ward off the freezingness of freezing land.

I don’t know if this has been the case all along and I’m just now noticing it, but does it appear lately that people will go to the dog park, the kid park, or any outdoor venue . . . where you will remain, well, outside . . . and be wearing minimal winter clothing, i.e sweatshirts and jeans. I have found myself suddenly self conscious about being over-dressed for the out of doors. Yet, if I spend any time watching these people that, at first, seem to have a high pain threshold, I realize they have spasms of furiously rubbing their hands together and  periodically shoving them deep in their jean pockets before the tips of their fingers relent and fall off due to frost bite. If you know its going to be cold, isn’t better to over-dress than to stand their and nearly freeze to death? I’m all Michelin Man coat (puff coat), mittens, scarf, sweatshirt, sometimes a hat, and fuzzy boots, if its anywhere under 40 degrees. But then, I don’t think I was designed to live in cold regions. I wish I was, I love the mountains, but alas, I am not.

Welp, this post ranges right in the norm for randomness that I am . . . Happy New Year, again, and have a great week!


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Random Thoughts

Nothing really all that new in Tucker-Land.

The boys are my occupation. Painting my hobby. God my everything.

Justin’s day off is today. He is sick with a cold and has appeared once this morning to eat breakfast and disappeared back to bed. He has been sleeping since. I feel really bad for him. It has been a relatively rough week.

Have I mentioned feeling enormously blessed for the opportunity to be home. At times I feel alone but, mostly, I create my home to be our family’s haven and that is what I love! I’m doing what I love. How many people can claim that?

It doesn’t mean that’s all I’ll ever do, but, for now, it is. 🙂

God’s mercy just about makes my head explode, trying to fathom it. Grateful today (and everyday) for HIS great mercy and love!

I found Pandora. I’ve known it’s there but haven’t used it much. Our Blu-Ray player has it readily available. Jesus Culture radio is currently my favorite . . . though it ends up on Daft Punk because Tobias can’t get enough of the beats. ‘Dance music’ as he calls it. Daft Punk = Good housecleaning music and Good running music. Just in case you were curious.

I’m out of canvas and must replace it soon or I will go crazy.

I have 4 weeks left of p90x. We took a 10 day break due to my friend injuring herself . . .um, doing P90X. Eeks. Anyway . . . we’re back at it and it hurts so good!

I miss my mom and dad . . . they live in Madison, Alabama now. Not Pasco, WA, 4 hours to the NE of us. Time to look into airline tickets.

My wonderful and dear friend and sister, Tiffany, her husband and son, all came to visit last Friday. We ate our fill of lobster and seafood Linguine. Justin made it and it was gooood! Awesome to see her . . . wish we lived closer to them. Maybe one day. You never know.

So, that is about it. Crossing my fingers that I don’t pick up someone’s cold.

Have a great week!


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Didn’t Sound Bad

I haven’t had a cavity filled since I was, like, 10 years old or so. I forgot how crappy it was. Glad to be able to have the proper dental work done (finally have insurance) but I like the after, not the during. Drills: the noise alone freaks me out, though I lay perfectly still my whole body is rigid with anticipation for the shock of nerve endings being prodded. Which didn’t happen but, still, the anticipation for over an hour is nearly as bad.

Speaking of nerve endings . . . whilst getting the shot to numb half my face, the dentist hit a nerve that shot shock waves through the front of my gum and down into my lips. I winced bad on that one . . . he apologized but said that does numb faster when he manages to get that close the nerves. That was the most painful thing that happened during the whole thing . . . the rest of it was just anxiety. 🙂

I’ve had my face numbed before and I don’t ever remember that happening. So, hopefully, it doesn’t . . . EVER again. I have 2 more appointments to cover all the cavities I’ve managed to accumulate in the last 24 years. Yeah, I’m just that good.

Anyway, hangin’ with my good friend Kacy this afternoon and then heading home, courtesy of my awesome brother, Bill. Family rocks!!

I’ve enjoyed my weekend!! My sis, Kelli, put us up and treated us the whole time we were here. My boys only drove her crazy a half dozen times or so . . . she’s 3 months prego  . . . if I were 3 months prego, I would of tempted to put them in a crate with food and water for the day. Hence the reason we are stopping at 2 munchkins. 🙂

Ready to head home though. Justin gets home Thursday and I am overly excited to see him!!

‘Here’s the kids, I have to take a day to myself!’ . . . ‘Aren’t you glad you’re home, sweety?’



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Some Weekend Fun

I’m a homebody, for the most part.

This weekend, though, I’m packing up and heading to my sister’s house. She has kindly opened a spare bedroom to me and the boys. Tentative plans are for the pumpkin patch tomorrow and, solid plans for the dentist Monday morning.

I’m always hesitant to leave home. Not panic hesitant, just mildly. I think I’ve texted her about half a dozen times with worry questions and concerns we were busying her weekend too much and what groceries to bring . . . etc.

Updated ****

I had to stop writing earlier to get ready to leave . . .  and take care of my boys that were bickering in the other room. Ah, reality.

So, now I’m sitting on my sis’ couch, watching CSI Miami and typing here. My sis is 3 months prego and has had a busy day, so she’s off to bed. I’m going to Alton Baker Park, old stomping grounds for my jogging ventures . . . they have some of the best trails systems ever! Also there is a dog park, a big loverly dog park and Byron will mistake it for heaven . . . so, that’s my plan in the morning. The afternoon we are all headed to the pumpkin patch, which should be a blast! Megan and Bill plan to join us at Lone Pine Farms. I’m thrilled to be around my family!

That’s the plan man. Thats the story morning glory.

And that is all.


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