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We only realize the power of the moral law when it comes with an “if.” God never coerces us. In one mood we wish He would make us do the thing, and in another mood we wish He would leave us alone. Whenever God’s will is in the ascendant, all compulsion is gone. When we choose deliberately to obey Him, then He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist us with all His almighty power.

~Oswald Chambers

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I have found myself in major discontent lately . . . lately = the last year or so. Some things didn’t go our way; the way we perceived they were suppose to go. I didn’t know I was letting it in . . . or maybe I did. But I slowly, instead of listening and obeying God, drew away from Him. I’m attempting to get my act together . . . to focus my eyes back on what and who matters . . . living a life conscious only of Him; letting the chips fall where they will, in life.

He’s met me. Despite my stupid mess-ups and continuing struggle to get right with Him and walk solidly in Him; learning to rest in Him . . . But I’m incapable of doing it on my own.

Oswald Chambers

Whenever anything begins to disintegrate your life with Jesus Christ, turn to Him at once and ask Him to establish rest.  Never allow anything to remain which is making the dis-peace. Take every element of disintegration as something to wrestle against, and not to suffer.  Say – Lord, prove Thy consciousness in me, and self-consciousness will go and He will be all in all. Beware of allowing self-consciousness to continue because by slow degrees it will awaken self-pity, and self-pity is Satanic. Well, I am not understood; this is a thing they ought to apologize for; that is a point I really must have cleared up. Leave others alone and ask the Lord to give you Christ-consciousness, and He will poise you until the completeness is absolute.

The complete life is the life of a child. When I am consciously conscious, there is something wrong. It is the sick man who knows what health is. The child of God is not conscious of the will of God because he is the will of God. When there has been the slightest deviation from the will of God, we begin to ask – What is Thy will? A child of God never prays to be conscious that God answers prayer, he is so restfully certain that God always does answer prayer.

If we try to overcome self-consciousness by any common-sense method, we will develop it tremendously. Jesus says, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest,” i.e., Christ-consciousness will take the place of self-consciousness. Wherever Jesus comes He establishes rest, the rest of the perfection of activity that is never conscious of itself. 

That was my devotional this morning. Yep, still reading good ol’Oswald . . . so much rich treasure there! I’m still unearthing it. Hope this tidbit helps someone who needs to hear it, like I did this morning! 🙂

Anyhow . . . hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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I can’t seem to get away from the message to be child-like.  I would really like to take some credit for my salvation and my continuing walk in Christ . . . surely I’ve done something to deserve it . . . right?  Can I take a bit of pride in reveling in His presence this morning as I drank in His word and prayed for the day to come? Come on.

But, truly, I’ve done nothing.  Even the ability to lay my will and heart . . . all that I have before the King of Kings, is by His grace!  All I do is glance in His direction and He’s there to meet me and counsel me . . . all I can take credit for, and I’m not even sure I initiated that, is looking His way.

Like riding in the car yesterday to church.  Our church is one hour one way, someday we’ll move back down.  Anyway . . . I’m singing along to some CD and watching the pastures, farm houses and random livestock pass by the passenger window of our truck.  My thoughts were on how pretty it is . .  . how green, even this frozen weather.  Mist hung slightly over the standing water, barren Oak trees dotted the landscape.  Familiar, yet beautiful nature.  Then I felt compelled to look up . . . take my eyes off the familiar grounds zipping by . . . to the sky above.

Gorgeous pale purples, blues and artistic clouds laced the hills and mountains that sandwich the valley in . . . bringing deep blue hues to the hill’s silhouettes . . . adding to the color pallet.

I was mesmerized and reminded that the what we see on ground level isn’t all thats there . . . in the natural we see things play out . . . but I want my reality anchored in God . . . where the shifting sand of life doesn’t take me out.

The very God that created this stands for me.  Loves me.  Keeps me in His hand.

How can I worry or take credit from such as Him?

Abba, Father

Except ye be converted, and become as little children ~Matthew 18:3

I tend to get all worked up and scramble to figure out my salvation . . . as though I even initiated and drive it.

Be still and know He is God!  . . . anther random verse that keeps filtering through my busy brains.

Be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord . . . another verse that keeps cycling through.

I’m seeing a pattern here.

We are responsible to keep working out our salvation . . . continuously being converted.

These words of Our Lord are true of our initial conversion, but we have to be continuously converted all the days of our lives, continually to turn to God as children.  If we trust to our wits instead of to God, we produce consequences for which God will hold us responsible.  Immediately our bodies are brought into new conditions by the providence of God, we have to see that our natural life obeys the dictates fo the Spririt of God.  Because we have done it once is no proof that we shall do it again.  The relation of the natural to the spiritual is one of continuous conversion, and it is the one thing we object to.  In every setting isn which we are put, the Spirit of God remains unchanged and His salvation unaltered, but we have to “put on the new man.” God holds us responsible every time we refuse to convert ourselves, our reason for refusing is willful obstinacy.  Our natural life must not rule, God must rule in us.

The hindrance in our spiritual life is that we will not be continually converted, there are wadges of obstinacy where our pride spits at the trone of God and says – I won’t.  We deify independence and willfulness and call them by the wrong name.  What God looks on as obstinate weakness, we call strength.  there are whole tracts of our lives which have not yet been brought into subjection, and it can only be done by this continuous conversion.  Slowly but surely we can claim the whole territory for the Spirit of God. ~Oswald Chambers ‘Utmost For His Highest’

That was my daily devotional thing that I read this morning . . . sounds like a lot of work but I find rest in it.  The only thing I’m responsible for is my heart attitude towards God.  Am I willing to lay down my viewpoint? And take His up?  Conversion . . . by His blood. Forgiveness . . . allowing God to keep working in my life . . . keeping nothing from Him.  Like a child, trusting that He knows best.

He will not give up on me . . . I keep opening myself up to Him, He will continue the work of conversion . . . a life long work . . .

I just thought I’d share.  I’ve been really convicted about strands of hidden pride and self-seeking.

Its by His grace we stand; rest in that

Blessings on your day!!

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Tobias hair


Pic taken 2 weeks ago . . . look at those locks. 🙂 

So Tobias has beautiful hair . . . light brown, mostly wavy curls that are soft with touches of blond from summer play.  He’s got pretty hair. But it was getting a bit long.  I don’t have the heart to buzz it, its so pretty. 🙂 But I did cut it today.  Pro cuts will have to come when we have moola to spend on a barber; for now I’m elected.  My husband has clippers, so it was relatively easy. img_3323.jpg

And its not too bad, considering I’ve never done his hair before . . . my mom cut it last time, but she’s got 30 years of cutting kid’s hair down pat.


Can’t see all the mistakes, curly hair is awesome. 🙂  And I thank God for clippers with length setting blades. Otherwise it might have been a catastrophe.   Though, I’m pretty confident to say, Tobias is NOT thankful for clippers . . . vibrating, loud, ticklish, ears are going to be severed from head screeching going on.  But he eventually relented to whimpering and crying, but sitting relatively still. I gave him chocolate milk since I had bribed him with such as the event took awhile.  He did good overall! 🙂  He’s so handsome!!

Today is a good day, God is so good in his grace and love for our lives. Our health is good, Justin is still just flying with school and firefighting . . . loving it, even through his exhaustion and frustration at times.  I thank God, HE just keeps taking care of us!

Oh, and I have found a new genre of music that I have fallen in love with.  My tastes range quite a bit . . . growing as I got older.  I love music without words, Cafe Del Mar, for example. Easy listening but still interesting and relaxing. I found Ash Dargan; native Australian from a tribe there, he plays the dindgiridoo . . . ok, thats spelled wrong, but spell check won’t give me the correct spelling so, what am I to do.  So, I’m not much into the spiritual aspect, obviously, of the music, but I do loooove the sound!!  He mixes the tribal sound with contemporary music and it is nice to the ears!! . . . and soul. There are other world beat/Aussie music out there and I like some of that too . . . but he was the most consistently good that I found.  Weirdness will make me run away, but his has a nice balance between the two worlds. 🙂 Ok, I wasn’t going to critique his music, just thought I’d mention it . . . since you’re probably listening to him on my sonific songspot thing to your right if you’re reading this. Calming is the best word to describe it, to me. 🙂  And after drinking 8 cups of joe, you need something to calm the jitters . . . ah, the coffee side effects . . . learn when to say ‘no’. 🙂

Ok, I’m off to be productive. Anybody know of a good devotional for general bible reading . . . I’d appreciate a heads up . . . I’m about to wear out ‘My Utmost For His Highest’.

God Bless!!

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