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Good Tuesday Morning!

The title sounds much more enthusiastic than I feel.

I had the flu the week of Christmas. It lasted the entire week of Christmas and into the following week. Now a very obnoxious, very deep cough is left over. Antibiotics did nothing. So I’m thinking its either going to heal itself, eventually, or it’s what the locals call Cedar Fever. Which is the allergic reaction to the pollinating Cedar trees around these here parts. When I get paid, Friday, I’ll invest in some more meds . . . this time antihistamines. We’ll see…

Christmas was fantastic this year. After the sticker-shock of the live Christmas tree, that looks like an actual Christmas tree, we decorated with homemade ornaments. The boys and I had a blast making ornaments; all of our Christmas decorations are still in Oregon.

Oh, did I mention we haven’t moved our things down yet? 😦 The plan is Justin is going down the third weekend, or so, of January to retrieve our belongings, including his car that is sitting idle at our friend’s house. We’ll see if we can swing that financially and time-wise.

Work is going good. I have never been in a teacher position before and I’m enjoying it, and the kids. This week is the first week I planned and implemented all by my lonesome. Ok, not totally by myself . . . my co-teacher answers all my retarded questions and still has to tell me where to find certain items. But, mostly by myself . . . more by myself than ever before, in this position. 🙂  I’m going to start school, but I missed this term . . . apparently, here in the great state of Texas, they have two terms. I’m used to a tri-mester situation, where if I don’t have all my ducks in a row for winter term, I can attend spring term. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. Nope. Including not being a Texas citizen for over 6 months, so tuition is ridiculous. Fall term is probably when I’ll start.

Justin’s off in Florida for training for his new job. Hyperbaric Chamber Tech. Very exciting stuff.

Boys are enjoying school. I signed them up for winter basketball league. That  starts today. Tobias is apprehensive. In the last few months I’ve noticed him being a tad shy of new things and situations. He loves basketball though and I’m trusting he’ll be just fine.

And, its now 2013. Crazy town! I look forward to going back to school and, God willing, buying a house come fall/winter, and just making our home here in the Austin area.

Off to make new adventures today!



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Fast Moving

I was hired nearly three weeks ago, for a preschool (that runs on the same schedule as the local school districts) and I was, initially, told that I’d be starting August 15th. Then the gal that hired  me decided she wanted to put me through teacher training, so I was told July 30th would be my start date. . . then she had a problem getting that signed off on, so it went back to August 15th; until this week . . . now the training bit has been signed off on (a tad more complicated than my simple rendition) and I’m to start Monday. Yikes . . . talk about puttin’ it into gear! But, I’m extremely grateful . . . I get to come in as a full time teacher, whilst earning my CDA, and benefit from the two week teacher training to boot.

Grateful, excited, nervous and scared . . .  all at the same time. And I’m learning to just hand it over to an ever-faithful God. 🙂 Amazing how he dolls out efficient amounts of grace for what we are handed to do each day. Look to Him and trust Him and the peace, understanding and love of God will be a mainstay in my life . . . Truth.

Today I go in to turn in some stuff and get the ball rolling for the payroll end of things . . . I take off here in a few minutes.

Whisper a prayer for me in my new endeavor . . . one I hope to make a lifetime career of influencing and teaching young children.


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Third Times a Charm

I have literally attempted this post twice before this and I’ve been having a hard time putting into words my experience thus far.

Salem, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon; my home since I was 7 years old . . . between Cottage Grove and Salem, Oregon. Surrounded by mountains, spoiled with the Pacific ocean so close and beautiful temperate rain forests of large pine trees and dense undergrowth aplenty. Rivers abound and scenery not matched many places . . . with rain to sustain such.

But something in us (Justin and I) wanted to strike out into another chapter of our lives. Something new and completely different. We felt like the timing was right on when Justin was laid off in Portland and transferred to Seattle temporarily . . . a city we had decided we absolutely did not want to live in; being even more overcast and living expenses through the roof. We had talked about Austin, TX before. We have family down here, and Justin’s place of work has headquarters down here . . . I was off for the summer with my job (which also operates down here) . . . Justin’s family was welcoming us with open arms, in to their home at that. So we took the plunge.

I want to stop here and just insert that we absolutely wouldn’t of moved if we didn’t feel a certain peace and blessing of God on the whole thing. I feel that God coordinates everything in our lives, if we allow Him to rule. I keep giving this thing to Him, before we moved and I keep giving it to Him now, and He has blessed the whole venture . . .

Ok, that said . . . we did it. We put all our stuff into storage in Salem. Packed the Expedition out and drove cross country . . . sort of. Straight down I-5 to Los Angeles and over Arizona, New Mexico and West TX. I loved the trip!! The truck functioned perfectly, even in the 110 degree Arizona heat. Boys were amazing during that long haul; Sam slept half the time. Justin drove 90% of the time . . . which I felt guilty for, for about 5 seconds . . . the man would not let me drive! 🙂

Wonderful trip in . . . I have a ton of photos . . . I will share at another time of the trip itself.

But . . . I do have photos of since we’ve been here downloaded from my phone.

I’ve decided I don’t take that great photos. I hardly ever have folks pose for photos . . . so my candid shots might or might not reveal much . . . but here we go.


My Aunt and Uncle’s lovely home . . . we’re heading out for a walk/bike ride. 🙂 The community pool is within walking distance and therefor we take full advantage.


Speaking of . . . not a whole lot to do in 95 + degree weather, outdoors, but swim.


A little (or a lot) sun worship . . . I figure I have a pretty good deficit of sun-exposure, so I’m ok laying out and playing in the sun for awhile. 😉


Getting ready for the fourth of July parade . . . 9:30 in the morning and it was already hot.


Tobias as he starts with his group . . . he didn’t stay with his group . . . both he and Sam decided it was not a parade at all, but a race.


The ladder truck was there to cool everyone off at the end . . . mainly kids and dogs. 🙂 Tobias loved it!


Sam was not into the penguin man. At all.


Gas in stunningly cheap . . . being from Oregon, I’m used to paying upwards of 4.10 a gallon.


And then there was the week of thunder storms. Justin also came back on the weekend these things started. Amazing, beautifully and absolutely terrifying.

We, Justin, myself and the boys, were out driving when the first one hit. It started raining so hard, shortly after this photo, that we had to pull off the road . . . about the same time that giant, ping pong ball sized hail started assaulting our car . . . that’s a very first for me. Man, it was so loud! Tornado weather, so I’m told . . . we, thankfully, didn’t get any tornados in the area that time.


This was right before we left the driveway that evening . . . I just love the brick contrasting with the clouds. 🙂


While the boys were in a day camp for a week  . . . I enjoyed some amazing walks, alone, along Brushy Creek, a short distance from where we’re living.


We also had the privilege of going to one of Round Rock’s minor league games. The boys enjoyed it mostly because Uncle Michael spoiled them rotten with the kid zone . . . bouncy houses, games and trampoline things. I’m not sure they watched any of the game . . . but I got to! 🙂 God bless Uncle Michael!


Storm watching . . . this boy was into it! I’d hang out until it was directly over us . . . then I’d wuss out and make us both go in. ha! Oh, and I’d go in if it started raining.

Just a handful of photos  . . .

I have been here on my own. Justin is working in Seattle still. Michael and Marilyn have been more than incredible through this and I couldn’t ask for more! Michael loves the boys and helps me out with them . . . Marilyn and I are addicted to Big Brother and the Young and the Restless. 🙂 I’m so blessed in the family department, ya’ll!! 🙂

I love it here. I want to put roots down in Georgetown, TX . . . just north of here.

Things that have happened since we’ve been here. I have been hired as a preschool teacher in Georgetown. Justin has a transfer approved for his job here in Austin, so he will be joining us soon! Yay! Boys start school in one month, here in Round Rock . . . I also start my job around then. We’ve gotten plugged in to a great church family.

God’s good . . .I’m learning to trust more and more each day and I’m excited for the future, for the first time in years!

Praying the right house comes along and we are able to finance our own place . . . the next big step. 🙂


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Set a Date

We had tentatively been throwing June 25th out there as our move date. It has, more or less, officially changed. We are now planning on pulling out June 15th. That, my friends, is exactly 2 weeks from now!!  And I thought 3 weeks was freakin’ me out!


Storage unit is to be secured, since we aren’t moving the bulk of our stuff down until Justin joins me near the end of the summer (God willing). Then pack, pack, pack . . . clean, clean, clean.

My last day of school is June 5th, then each day is devoted to very little else, but packing. 🙂

Never know what God has in store. It feels discombobulated at times and I feel like one of the those race horses  with blinders to keep from seeing anything peripherally. Frustrating but it’s demanded of us, in these times, to trust God and keep walking towards HIM. Can’t go wrong with God! His peace has been all over this decision since the moment we recognized it . . . now, to just not freak out at the loose ends, that seem should be attached to something but they’re not; just dangling, but I know my God has it all under control . . . all those loose ends are in HIS hands.

God brings death and God brings life, brings down to the grave and raises up. God brings poverty and God brings wealth; he lowers, he also lifts up. He puts poor people on their feet again; he rekindles burned-out lives with fresh hope, Restoring dignity and respect to their lives— a place in the sun! For the very structures of earth are God’s; he has laid out his operations on a firm foundation. He protectively cares for his faithful friends, step by step, but leaves the wicked to stumble in the dark. No one makes it in this life by sheer muscle!  1 Samuel 2:6-9

We like the mirage that we see, through the desert or our life . . . the mirage that we actually control of the fate of our lives. Honestly, you do the best you can with what is given to you and the rest is completely up to God. I have felt I deserved some bad repercussions in life, and there are times I’m distinctly aware that I do not deserve what I have and know God is the one to thank.

I choose, through this messy transition of life, to just rest in God, do what needs to be done to the best of my ability, and trust God . . . not my husband, not myself, not my friends or family . . . I know where my help comes from . . . God alone.

God, have your way and will in mine, and my family’s, life!


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Goldy Locks

I did it. I’ve been threatening for quite awhile. Dark red was getting dull and my natural color is light brown . . . longing to go closer to my natural color, with the idea of eventually growing it out, I took the plunge.

If you’ve dyed your hair red before, especially the darker varieties, you know how hard it is to get any other color without red in it. Red is not easy to get rid of, neither is it easy to cover up . . . unless you go jet black or something, then you have a whole other can of worms to deal with when you want to change it.

Oh, my sweet boy! 🙂 Ope, bad editing on this one, but you can tell its red and its dark red at that. We’ll ignore the extra 20 lbs I’m carrying around.

K, I’m not attempting a pouty face or any concoction thereof . . . Just snapped a photo and posted it. Gold. That is the color of my curly locks. Gold. I did this atrocity myself. Do I get an award?

Anyway, its so drastic and bright and . . . a drastic change from what I had before. People I know don’t even really know what to say. Which I don’t care because its not staying this color. I will give it a rest for a month or two and then highlight and dye it a softer color. Lots of red left in it. The underneath I left dark. Interesting is the only word I can conjure up. But not ugly . . . and people aren’t running from me screaming; which is what I was afraid of when I exited my house this morning to do the morning runs for school and such. 🙂

So that’s where we are people. There isn’t enough change and excitement happening in my little life, I just had to create more.

We are currently holding our collective breath, we should hear back regarding Justin’s dream job (which he had an interview for this past week) . . . if you think of us, shout out a prayer and send us Got-The-Job vibes! Much appreciated!

I have 3 weeks to pack and clean my home . . .

Getting a head start and getting it done. 🙂

Aaack! God is so good and I’m so excited for the near future! I had a call back about a job in Round Rock, TX. I’m hoping that goes through. All in God’s timing . . .



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May is Nearly OVER!

What?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Holy crap!

Justin’s birthday is in 3 days . . . 3 DAYS! Mine is Thursday . . . I think . . . I haven’t been staring at a calendar today.

Most of all, we move in one month . . . like, 30 days! My panic button goes off around 2 – 4 AM and I ponder on all the packing and crap I have to get done before we move, for about 15 minutes, and then I wake up in the daylight and methodically go throughout my day. Today, because I don’t work, I have packed multiple boxes (thank you for the  boxes, Michaelle!) and paced my home, mentally making lists . . . which will work into written lists . . . which will then be misplaced and/or thrown away and then I’ll have to make another, more compiled list, then I will ignore it, it will also get forgotten . . . then Justin will get involved and have it all done (with my help, of course) in two days. The man is a think-on-his-feet packer extraordinaire! I have moved exactly 3 times with this man and I’m always impressed with his ability to pack and clean and paint the home we’re leaving. Yes, he fills holes and paints. We have always gotten our deposit back.

God is absolutely blowing me out of the water with HIS blessings . . . things are pulling together in a way that only God can do and coordinate . . . there is no doubt who gets the glory on this one! He has something for us down there and I’m excited to be serving HIM and walking with Him! Justin had a job interview for a very coveted position and it went very very well . . . we’ll hear back next Friday, so pray for us if you think of us!  I have been applying to RRISD and RHS and I’m hoping to hear back soon on those. God’s timing on it. I’m set up for Austin Community College . . . I’ll finalize enrollment and stuff when I get down there NEXT MONTH! :O

If I’ve learned anything in this life, its that we don’t deserve what we get . . . humble yourself to God, trust HIM and HE will see you through . . . in the valleys of life is where we grow up as we walk and trust HIM.

Philippians 4:7 MSG

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

. . . well said, Holy Bible!


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