Mother Tucker

About me:

Oh geez . . . summarize me. Keeping it simple . . .

Things I absolutely love: My God, my hott husband, my perfect kids, my family.

Things I love: Gardening, flowers, jogging, eating good food, baking, horses, hiking, my awesome friends, camping at the ocean, hot weather and a good swimming hole. I also love the mountains (Oregon Cascades) and plan to build my dream home there (Mt. Hood possibly) one day. My dog and jogging with my dog (best running partner EVER). Church and helping with the children’s program.

Things that annoy the crap out of me: whiny kids, rude people, unfriendly grocery store clerks, cleaning up dog poop off my carpet (which, thankfully, doesn’t happen very often anymore), speaking of poop . . . cleaning up kid’s poop (which, also, happens less frequently these days).  For awhile I felt like my whole existence was consumed with the cleaning up poop and disinfecting my house. Toilets are a grand invention!  So are doggy poop bags. 🙂

Random: I have two boys, Tobias and Samuel. They are daily lessons in patience, love and perseverance. I hope to attend school this fall, God willing. That might change multiple times, but thats the plan for now. My husband is an EMT and firefighter . . . I couldn’t be prouder of him and his amazing dedication to his family and job pursuits! He’s a keeper. 🙂


One thought on “Mother Tucker

  1. Krisalee says:

    No comments yet? how sad! You are such a terrific person and so very talented. Your photos are outstanding and since you don’t brag about yourself, well, then I guess I will. Those 3 boys of yours are very lucky to have you dedicating your life, time and talents to them. Your humble heart and genuine care for others is so refreshing. I was just sittin here thinking tonight, “I wonder what Stacy’s up to”?, so I googled your name – and what a wonderful surprise to see that your awesome talents are burning here on my internet screen all fresh and a-fire with juicy creativity and genius! I love the way you write about God being the center and core of your life and you have laid out this site so very well. I’ll be bookmarking it so I can hug those two precious boys of yours (by the way I love the hair buzzes!). Keep on truckin’ ! Keep on lovin ! And keep on keepin on, enduring to the end of the race. Well done. And nice photo of yurself too! (yes I know I spelled that wrong). Many Blessings. Krisalee

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