I’m not gonna try to get this blog caught up. No one reads it anyway. I am, though, going to try to keep tabs on my two boys and the interesting interactions and random events surrounding their existence.

I have something I need to gripe about first off.

Tob is my eldest, he is 10. He, in that short 10 years of life on earth, has acquired all knowledge necessary to argue any and all subjects. He is a genius like that. I am told it gets worse . . . I need to take debate classes, cuz I suck at arguing and I get all grouchy and my sarcasm switch gets flipped.

Sam is the opposite. Actual age: 8. Age when he’s not getting his way: 2.5 . . . the squeaky whine and tantrums. This is a relatively new phenomenon and he has lost every privilege allotted to an 8 year old boy at one point or another, including but not limited to: Xbox, PSP, DS, friends, computer, iPad, and tv. Wow, anything with a screen is leverage-able. This only makes a small dent in his squawking.

These are the munchkins that keep my life so entertaining. I wouldn’t trade it for the world . . . but possibly for a 2 lb block of Tollhouse cookie dough.



One thought on “Boys

  1. Anne LaPorte says:

    Hey I read it, when I remember too.

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